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Hi, I’m Bill. I’m here to help ensure your home-buying and mortgage experiences are as enjoyable as possible. I’ll take the guesswork out of what you need to know to be prepared and answer all your questions while matching you with the mortgage that best meets your unique needs.

I’m passionate about people and finances, with the primary goal of ensuring you live the best possible life during your pre-retirement and retirement years – by making the most of your income while maximizing cashflow and providing optimum access to your home equity. After working hard your entire life, you shouldn’t struggle in your later years – you should be enjoying the life you’ve built on purpose.

I’ve specialized in real estate and mortgages for more than 35 years, most recently working with Manulife Bank in a number of capacities for over a decade before transitioning to mortgage brokering in 2019.

My real estate and lending backgrounds have positioned me well to help a wide variety of homeowners and homebuyers customize plans to ensure you’re living your best life in retirement. I’m familiar with a number of specialty products that can be used to help stretch your finances further in retirement so you don’t have to work longer, just smarter.

Hi, I’m Andrew. I’m focused on helping ensure you have the mortgage financing in place that best suits your unique lifestyle throughout every stage – from first-time homebuyer into retirement and everything in between.

I’m passionate about financial planning and cashflow management, ensuring debt is controlled in the most cost-effective way possible through restructuring and building a plan to save as much of your hard-earned money as possible.

I’ve been involved in mortgage lending since 2014, most recently working with Manulife Bank as a retail lending specialist. Prior to that, I was a financial planner with Meridian Credit Union after earning a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in finances. I became a licensed mortgage agent because it granted me access to even more tools to help with all of your mortgage needs.

My background serves me well in building a solid foundation to ensure both your short- and long-term goals come to fruition thanks to smart planning and mortgage financing solutions.

Hi… I’m Carl It would be a pleasure to speak with you about your mortgage options to purchase a home or refinance a current mortgage. Being associated with a large brokerage, I will have access to a wide variety of financial solutions, customized to match your unique need. Let me search the market, on your behalf, to find the right fit for you.

During my previous years with Manulife Bank, I worked with financial advisors, realtors and other mortgage brokers gaining a wealth of experience. I’ve helped over 1500 clients with their mortgage
needs and now that I have access to a wider selection of lenders to choose from, suspect I can help even more.

Perhaps you have a home purchase in the near future. Maybe a 2 nd home/cottage/rental is in the plans. Others have a mortgage up for renewal and looking for better options than offered by their bank. Many mature clients need to tap into the equity of their home to help in their retirement years and we have access to some outstanding solutions. We also offer a great cash flow program to pay down your mortgage quicker, saving interest costs. I can also coach the first time home buyer through their initial mortgage set up.
My commitment would be to work with you in a timely, professional manner, answering your questions and providing the best options so you can make an informed decision.

Our Services

First time home buyers

The day’s finally here for you to start building equity in your own home. I’m here to help guide you through each step – from mortgage pre-approval to your closing date and beyond.


Before you begin house hunting, I’ll help you obtain a mortgage pre-approval so you know how much you can comfortably afford. A pre-approval is a conditional commitment from your lender based on your finances and creditworthiness.


Whether you’re buying your first or fifth home, careful planning is required to ensure a smooth transaction. I’ll guide you through each step of the way – from getting you pre-approved for a mortgage to your closing date and beyond.

purchase plus improvements

It can be challenging to find a property that meets both your functional needs and budget. A Purchase Plus Improvements mortgage enables you to buy a home and renovate, while rolling the expenses into a single mortgage payment.


Refinancing your mortgage can be a cost-effective way to use home equity for paying off debt, renovating, purchasing an investment property or even sending your kids to school. Whatever your needs, I’m here to help make them happen.


Whether it makes sense to renew your mortgage with your existing lender or transfer/switch to a new lender at the end of your term, I’m here to find the best solution to meet your unique needs.


I’ll walk you through each step to securing financing for your second home, whether that involves buying a waterfront retreat or a country getaway, or a seasonal or year-round property.


Are you looking to build the home of your dreams from the ground up? I’ll help you anticipate everything you need to know about the new construction process to ensure your new home purchase runs smoothly.


Welcome to Canada. I’ll help you understand the ins and outs of New to Canada mortgage programs to ensure you have everything you need to qualify for a mortgage before you head out house hunting.


You may need an extra boost to help you settle into your new place, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer. I work with several lenders that offer cash back as a lump sum payment when your mortgage closes.


Sometimes life happens and you suffer a credit blip along the way. I have great alternative and private lending resources available to help take care of your home financing needs until you’re able to rebuild your credit.


Real estate is a profitable long-term investment. I’ll help guide you through the investment process – whether you wish to buy just one or multiple properties – detailing everything you need to know to buy the right property.

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Get your Free Home Buyers Guide

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Get your Free Home Buyers Guide

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